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   Innovation Saving Energy Group(I-Savergy Group)  has been involved in energy saving for over 17 years, runs a variety of  business, lighting solutions(industrial lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting), solar energy, wind energy, real estate, medical&healthcare field, sanitary product, etc.

   Since year 2008, I-Savergy has been exclusively focusing on offering the best lighting solutions to customers with the most energy efficient commercial, industrial lighting and outdoor lighting products. High efficient lighting products help customers to bring down their energy bill. Smart lighting makes life better and easier !

    I-Savergy understands that each business, each location and each industry has different illumination and economic performance requirements. In other words, different settings call for different solutions, especially when it comes to commercial and industrial lighting. Based on the photometric analysis of customer's location,  I-Savergy devises the most appropriate LED lighting solution for each of its clients. Also, I-Savergy factors in elements such as customers' business priorities when we design the ideal lighting plan.